Choosing a beach  bag
This is about choosing a beach bag. A modern girl cannot do without this accessory on vacation. And this is not at all a tribute to fashion - a good, comfortable and beautiful beach bag is no less important than a regular everyday one. Therefore, the selection of this summer accessory must be approached carefully.
One of the most important criteria for choosing a beach bag is its size, since you will have to carry a lot of things you need on the beach in it: a towel, a rug, a cosmetic bag with various sun and sun products, a case for glasses and other little things. Therefore, a bag for walking to the beach must be of an impressive size.
Of course, we advise you not to overdo it with size: if you are short, then with a huge bag you will look a little ridiculous. It is better for miniature girls to choose medium-sized bags made of soft fabric that does not have hard corners and does not puff up in the case when there are not many things in it. second important point to pay attention to is the presence of pockets. There should be several of them so that you can conveniently arrange various little things: keys, money, a mobile phone. If there are not enough pockets in your bag, then you have every chance of missing a few calls simply by searching for the phone in the bowels of the bag, or, even worse, finding the phone entangled in a wet towel. Trust me, it won't do him any good. That is, buy a bag that has at least two or three small pockets, preferably with zippers.
The material of the beach bag should be tight. It is not necessary to buy a waterproof bag - there is no big need for this. Moreover, once fashionable bags made of transparent or multi-colored plastic are not at all suitable in terms of their functionality for the beach. Firstly, if such a bag overheats in the sun, then a small "sauna" is formed inside it, in which your things (for example, cosmetics or the same mobile phone) may suffer. And secondly, in hot weather it is simply unpleasant when hot plastic touches the skin. The ideal option would be bags made of dense synthetics, linen, cotton fabric, straw with a good quality lining. It is better, of course, that the bag is light - after all, you will carry a significant weight in it.
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